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There is nothing worst than having an out-dated bathroom with stained basin, grout, tiles and walls. We bet you walk in there every morning thinking “I need to do something about this” but the days pass and the bathroom remains in its same state or gets worst!

We all know how costly and time consuming replacing a bathroom can be, you basically won’t be able to use it for weeks or months. They need to rip out the floors and walls, replace the basin and ensure all plumbing is intact. You will find yourself not only spending on your bathroom design but also on labour hours and plumbing!.

Well let us tell you something, this is why we are so Super! The gallery to the right says it all.

We will get in there, repair the broken surfaces, replace the grout of your walls and floors, spray counter basin, cupboards, bath tub and tiles and all this in a matter of hours! You could walk out of your home in the morning and come back in the afternoon with a brand new bathroom ready for use.

In terms of quality, you don’t have to worry. We use premium products that are hot water tolerant, long-lasting, UV resistant and the hardest layer developed to date. See what our recent customers say:

“I can’t even begin to thank the amazing work that Super Resurfacing have achieved in my lovely, modern bathroom. I was surprised at just how quick they turned around my bathroom. It’s been months now since I resurfaced my bathroom and I am just amazed by the quality, it still feels brand new. I would definitely recommend the team at Super Resurfacing, especially Piter who is so passionate about ensuring the best service and quality possible. Thanks Piter”
Heidi, Mosman,NSW